Learn how the Renaissance Masters drew

This is the online place of learning the drawing methods and approaches of the artists of Renaissance Florence. The Renaissance Workshop is where we reconstitute the world of Renaissance drawing through creating online drawing courses grounded in the culture of Renaissance Europe, traditional craft and the history of Western artistic ideas.

Jon Long at the Draughtsman’s Table in The Renaissance Workshop in London where all online courses are streamed from live

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European Renaissance Drawing: Creative Practice and Artistic Tradition | From Giotto to Titian

Foundations of Renaissance Drawing: Online Apprenticeship

This course reconstructs the Renaissance process of drawing alongside a reconstruction of how apprentices like a young Leonardo da Vinci were taught how to draw in the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio. As an apprentice on this course you will learn the foundational principles and process of drawing as understood by the artists of quattrocento Florence.

The Online Apprenticeship Courses run through the academic year starting each September and are taught in three Terms. Term 1: Introduction to the Renaissance Approach to Drawing, Term 2: Drawing the Face and its Parts, Term 3: Drawing the Figure and its Parts

Upcoming 6 week Courses Online

Renaissance Portrait Drawing: Likeness and Ideal

Anatomy: Leonardo’s analysis of the Skeleton

Silverpoint Drawing: Process, Tradition and Legacy

About the Renaissance Workshop

The Renaissance Workshop is an online art education company teaching the historical approach to drawing of the Old Masters of Renaissance Florence. The guiding principle of the Renaissance Workshop is to revive the historical approach to drawing and make it an accessible and learnable methodology for anyone today. Our goal is to show people that Renaissance drawing is different from other forms of naturalistic and figurative drawing and has unique theoretical and historical foundations connected to the craft culture of the middle ages and the Naturalism of Hellenic and Roman antiquity.