Join the artists of the Renaissance,

Learn how they drew

Enter the word of historical Florence and learn the drawing process of the Renaissance masters in live, interactive online courses. Take guidance and instruction from the artists of Renaissance Florence in each lesson where their approach, methodology, and technique is explained and demonstrated.

Take part in the historical transformation from apprentice to artist through the lessons given to the young Leonardo and Michelangelo in the workshops of Renaissance Florence.

Jon Long at the Draughtsman’s Table in The Renaissance Workshop, London

Starting in September 2024
The Foundations of Renaissance Drawing: Online Apprenticeship Year

Learn to draw in The Renaissance Workshop alongside artists of Leonardo’s generation. Undergo the historical training of a Renaissance artist in this online apprenticeship which reconstructs the creative education from the greatest era in the history of drawing.

Upcoming Short Courses

Experience what drawing in the Renaissance was like and discover how the old masters drew. Book a short course and uncover an aspect of the historical process and methodology of the Renaissance Masters.

Renaissance Workshop Materials

Draw with the same materials used by the artists of the Renaissance and experience the historical process of drawing as the old masters did. The Renaissance Workshop Materials range allows you to feel tactile and immediate contact with the past and interact with the artistic and cultural legacy of Renaissance Europe. The historical approach to creativity and drawing of the Renaissance artists was bound to a craft tradition from which these materials emerge.

All products hand made in The Renaissance Workshop in London.


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