This is where you unlock your potential through contact with the Renaissance and gain a new basis for your drawing in the historical approach of the Renaissance Masters. These are a series of Short Courses where you can start a new creative chapter with confidence in a process rooted in the craft of drawing taught and learned in the artists’ workshops of the Renaissance. 

Learn the historical creative drawing practices of Renaissance drawing and understand their purpose to unlock a natural and intuitive approach, free from hesitation. The Discover the Renaissance courses show you how Renaissance drawing practices emerged in their historical context in which artists, poets and philosophers exchanged ideas in the dynamic milieu of Renaissance Florence under the Medici. 

The Principles and Process of Renaissance Drawing

Creative Approach, Methodology and Craft

Discover and experience the drawing process and methodology of the artists of the Renaissance and transform your drawing by gaining a more self-affirming approach. These six live, online classes take you in to the world of Renaissance drawing and show you how Renaissance artists unlocked their creative potential by employing the central principles of their craft which they learned through a rigorous apprenticeship within the Renaissance workshop tradition. Seeing deeper into the process of the old masters will demystify from other approaches and will enable you to apply the same principles and method in your own work; rooting your drawing in the same craft tradition Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael belonged to. This course will help you undergo a creative transformation and will enable you to draw more intuitively and naturally – confident that you have gained an understanding of an authentic historical method and approach. Through how the course decodes and breaks down the Renaissance process of drawing into stages, you will be able to bring the creative spirit of the Renaissance to life.

Renaissance Drawing study sheet. Silverpoint drawings after Verrocchio on orange-red ground. Ideal head types
Three studies of heads in silverpoint on orange-red prepared paper.

Renaissance Drawing study the techniques and method of the masters
Standing male nude in the pose of St Sebastian. Silverpoint on blue prepared paper

The Skills and Disciplines of Renaissance Drawing

Theory and Practice in the Workshop

Learn and apply the skills and technical knowledge of the artists who trained and worked in the time of Leonardo da Vinci. Over the six sessions you will obtain the essential skills and theoretical understanding which enables Renaissance artists to practice their craft. By combining the dynamic and creative approach of the masters with the foundational theory of Renaissance art and design, you will develop the ability to draw more confidently and achieve greater artistic proficiency and discipline. This course introduces and explains how Renaissance artists drew the human figure and head in proportion and how they understood the intrinsic design of the human form. You will gain this knowledge to be better able to draw from life and to design from your own intuition. You will also learn the principles of perspective, light and dark, and the application of varying linear qualities to represent the likeness of a subject with sensitivity.

Italian Renaissance Drawing

History, Inspiration, and the Traditions of the Florentine School

Explore the unique historical traditions of learning to draw and becoming and artist in Renaissance Florence. In these six live, online classes, you will experience the world of Renaissance art in Florence in the time of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. You will discover and interact with the foundations of the Florentine School and take part in its artistic culture and traditions as the Renaissance masters did. You will share in the legacy of the Florentine School by learning how its artists developed their ideas and styles, how they drew inspiration from previous generations and exchanged ideas with their contemporaries. See how drawing evolved and artistic practices transformed along the incredible timeline from Cimabue all the way through to Pontormo.

Renaissance Drawing After Verrocchio Silverpoint on Buff Prepared Paper
Male Head Wearing Fantastical Helmet in Profile, After Verrocchio. Silverpoint on Buff Prepared Paper

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