My chief inspirations are Michelangelo, Andrea del Verrocchio, Jacopo Pontormo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Andrea del Sarto. I firmly believe that the principles of drawing developed in the Renaissance; primarily in Florence, enable the most creatively liberating and self-affirming manner of drawing. They allow you to approach drawing as a mode of enquiry where the act of drawing itself becomes a process of illumination and discovery.

I want everyone to make drawings that fully reflect and affirm their very own vision and their very own personality. Drawing can be a transformative and uplifting act when one approaches it as a nurturing creative process of enquiry. In this manner, one can really unlock their creative potential and be free from unwanted negativity and self-imposed constraint.

I teach you how to unlock your creative potential by using methods which have great historical significance but which have been forgotten in modernity. My classes enable you do draw from the model while working alongside the greatest masters of history. This project is about drawing from history to help you realise your own unique potential and to generate creative freedom.