Drawing From History Workshop


This is a Weekly, hour long, live Renaissance drawing class online via Zoom.

Every Thursday 19:00 UK / 14:00 NY / 11:00 Cali

This is Where You Begin Learning the Drawing Process of the Renaissance Masters

This is a Weekly, hour long, live Renaissance drawing class online via Zoom. In this class you are shown the unique drawing process of the Renaissance masters and taught how they created their drawings. This is where you can begin learning about historical Renaissance drawing as practiced by artists like Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael and gain insights into their theory, methodology and approach.

A Different Drawing Each Week

We will work from Renaissance drawings and study how they were made in the approach of the artists who made them. Demonstrations will illuminate each aspect of the drawing process as we make studies of master drawings from the Renaissance.

We Will Cover:

  • How Renaissance artists drew the head
  • How Renaissance artists drew the figure
  • How Renaissance artists drew the body parts (including hands and feet)
  • How Renaissance artists understood and applied proportion
  • How Renaissance artists understood and applied perspective
  • Renaissance drawing in its remarkable historical context

How the Class Works:

You will join the class and welcomed into the online workshop before an introductory presentation followed by an in-depth live demonstration. An overhead camera will spotlight the demonstration as a Renaissance drawing is recreated, showing you how Renaissance artists worked and applied their drawing method. In the class you will draw along and be able to ask questions during the demonstration. Each week we will study a Renaissance drawing and copy it in detail to understand the process used by the artist to make it. We will pay close attention the drawing process of artists such as Verrocchio, Leonardo, the Pollaiuoli, Ghirlandaio, Michelangelo, Raphael and others.

Sign up and receive the Zoom Access and a link to the Reference Image on the day of the session. Bookings made in the hour leading up the session will receive the Zoom Access and reference link in the order confirmation. Please check spam and promotions email folders if your email and access is not found in your inbox.

Drawing From History: An Experience of Renaissance Drawing

Combine the Free Weekly Drawing From History Study Sheet with the Drawing From History Workshop to delve deeper into the working methods and creative approaches within the wold of Renaissance Drawing. The Study Sheets break down a drawing into five basic stages whereas the Drawing From History Workshops take you into the entire process which you get to see in action from the beginning.


All levels. Beginners welcome. This is a weekly class for everyone, from those who have drawing experience and would like to learn specifically from the Renaissance masters, and those who are complete beginners to drawing.

Recommended Materials:

Pencils (F, HB – 2B) or a Silverpoint Stylus (with paper prepared for silverpoint or a boxwood tablet)

White or off-white paper and tinted paper (your preferred colours)

Really, you can use whichever materials you like.


18th April 2024, 7-8 pm UK / 2-3 pm NY (Drawing the Face from Verrocchio), 25th April 2024, 7-8 pm UK / 2-3 pm NY (Drawing the Face from Leonardo), 2nd May 2024, 7-8 pm UK / 2-3 pm NY (Drawing the Eyes)

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