Enchantment and Beauty

Dynamic Portrait Drawing


Demystify and learn how the finest drawings of the human head from the Renaissance are particularly enchanting, beautiful and effective to epply the methods of their execution in these six live, online classes.

6 Tuesdays starting 8 October 2024 – 12 November 2024 11:00 – 13:00 UK Time


Learn how to create a sense of greater depth and enigmatic subtlety to your portrait drawing using the techniques and distinguishing elements of the finest portrait drawings from the Renaissance. These six live, online classes show you how Renaissance artists worked in layers with various media on tinted paper to imbue their drawings of the human face with an expressiveness and vitality which has inspired every generation of artists since. Decoding and shedding light on the processes and methods applied in the Renaissance will enable you to create more effective, economic and beautiful works on paper while cultivating your inner artistic vision. This course will enhance your drawing abilities by teaching you how to express and interpret the beauty of what you see and feel with subtlety and effectiveness. It is the theory and practice underpinning the historical approach of the Renaissance masters which will allow your best work to emerge.

You will Learn:

  • How Renaissance artists prepared and used a tinted ground
  • The theory and logic of shading a portrait drawing to show and express beauty
  • How to apply a range of different media in an historically authentic manner in a portrait drawing
  • How to interpret subtle tonal transitions and give beauty to the features with historical methods
  • How to emphasise mood and poise in a portrait drawing while attaining likeness
  • How to develop a sense of luminosity by applying white for the highlights

Course Structure

Class 1 – The affecting poise, expression and gaze | Part 1

Class 2 – The affecting poise, expression and gaze | Part 2

Class 3 – Mood, depth and substance | Part 1

Class 4 – Mood, depth and substance | Part 2

Class 5 – Subtlety, vitality and economy | Part 1

Class 6 – Subtlety, vitality and economy | Part 2


This course is ideal for anyone seeking to learn how the Renaissance masters drew the human head and the theory and practice they applied.

You will Need:

  • Pencils (HB recommended) or Silverpoint
  • Paper (White or Off-White, if using silverpoint paper must be prepared with a ground)
  • Tinted Paper (Either prepared with a tinted ground for silverpoint or toned coloured paper)
  • Pen and ink (quill and traditional ink recommended but modern media can be used)
  • Brushes to apply washes of ink and highlights
  • White paint for highlights (Water based)
Start Date

Tuesdays 8 October – 12 November 2024, 11:00 – 13:00 UK Time

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