Silverpoint Drawing Tablet | Boxwood


Genuine Boxwood with Bone Ash Preparation

Infinitely reusable drawing surface for Silverpoint. The first surface used by Renaissance Apprentices, as described by Cennino Cennini in his Libro dell’Arte. Prepared with finely hand-ground Bone White Pigment and Hide Glue made at The Renaissance Workshop.

Handmade in London


Draw on with Silverpoint for practice, warming up, preparing designs and to stimulate positive creative momentum. Surface can be renewed after drawing by applying a little moisture with a brush and water. Drawings disappear into the ground upon light wetting with a brush or finger. Drawings can be kept permanently on the tablet if not removed in this manner. Excessive wetting can cause warping – if this happens, lightly moisten opposite side and allow to dry through.

After much use a new coating of Bone Ash Preparation can be applied with Bone White Pigment and Hide Glue. Ensure Bone White Pigment is ground finely on a slab before use.

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