Silverpoint Paper


100% cotton rag paper prepared with historically accurate ground for silverpoint drawing.

Available in:

White (Bone White Pigment)

Indigo (Bone White and Indigo)

Red (Bone White and Red Ochre)

Ivory (Bone White, Yellow Ochre and Raw Umber)

Green (Bone White and Terre Verte)

Sheets measure 43 x 33 cm

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Historically Authentic Prepared Paper for Silverpoint Drawing

Drawing with Silverpoint requires a pigmented ground in order for your stylus to leave a line. Particles of silver get deposited in the ground as you draw your stylus over it. The ground used to prepare paper for drawing in the Renaissance consisted predominantly of bone white pigment often mixed with lead white pigment. These pigments were then bound in an animal hide glue. This white ground was frequently tinted with other pigments such as indigo, terre verte, ochre, as well as other organic, mineral and metallic pigments from the earth.

A traditional ground for silverpoint prepared in a manner which would be familiar to an artist of the Renaissance offers a smooth surface which facilitates the fluid and gliding movement of the stylus. Deposits of silver are fixed into the ground and are very enduring but can be disturbed by very hard rubbing as fingertips often transfer oil and moisture to the ground. The historical ground enables the drawing to be built up in the manner of a Renaissance artists’ approach and when various degrees of pressure are applied with the stylus, an infinite variety of linear qualities of depth, darkness and subtlety are achievable.

Our Hand Prepared Silverpoint Ground is based on extant sheets prepared for silverpoint in the Renaissance and consists of bone white pigment hand made in London from the raw materials. When the bones are calcined to a brilliant white, they are ground by hand and prepared into a ground with hide glue from cattle. We finish the paper in a way which provides an ivory, velvet feel. Our hand prepared silverpoint ground on rag paper is entirely historical and archival while containing no lead for safety.


White, Red, Indigo, Ivory, Green


1 Sheet, 5 Sheets, 10 Sheets

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