The Principles and Process of Renaissance Drawing

Creative Approach, Methodology and Craft


Demystify the fundamentals of Renaissance drawing and experience the creative process of the Renaissance masters across these six live, online classes. 

Six Wednesdays from 3 June 2024 – 8 July 2024, 11 am – 1 pm UK time


Discover and experience the drawing process and methodology of the artists of the Renaissance and transform your drawing by gaining a more self-affirming approach. These six live, online classes take you in to the world of Renaissance drawing and show you how Renaissance artists unlocked their creative potential by employing the central principles of their craft which they learned through a rigorous apprenticeship within the Renaissance workshop tradition. Seeing deeper into the process of the old masters will distinguish Renaissance drawing from other approaches and will enable you to apply the same principles and methods in your own work; rooting your drawing in the same craft tradition which Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael belonged to. This course will help you undergo a creative transformation and will enable you to draw more intuitively and naturally – confident that you have gained an understanding of an authentic historical method and approach. Through how the course decodes and breaks down the Renaissance process of drawing into stages, you will be able to bring the creative spirit of the Renaissance to life.

You Will Learn:

  • Where and how artists like Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael started their drawings
  • How to build up a drawing of the figure or head in layers
  • Why errors have an important role in the drawing process and how to benefit from them
  • How to refine a drawing and to use your creativity in visual interpretation
  • To be sensitive to the movement and structural dynamic of a subject
  • How the Old Masters used various media in their drawings

Course Structure

Class 1 – The Spirit of the Drawing: the initial lines of a Renaissance drawing | Drawing the Figure 1

Class 2 – The Beauty of Errors: drawing as continuous action and refinement | Drawing the Figure 2

Class 3 – Enquiry in Layers: the forgotten craft principles of the Renaissance Masters | Drawing the Figure 3

Class 4 – Intuition and Focus: spontaneity in the process of design | Drawing the Head 1

Class 5 – Craft Tradition and Individual Vision: enquiry and self-affirmation | Drawing the Head 2

Class 6 – Developing Creative Momentum: the principles of creative practice | Drawing the Head 3


This course introduces the central principles of Renaissance drawing as is suitable for both people with drawing experience who wish to bring an historical, Renaissance grounding into their approach, and people with little or no experience. The course covers a broad range of of topics which are essential to an understanding of how the Renaissance masters drew and will inform and inspire positive creative development for anyone seeking to imbue their drawing with the same principles enacted in the work of artists like Leonardo. As the first course in the Discover Renaissance Drawing category, it remains the recommended place to begin if you are seeking an introductory course in drawing.

You Will Need:

Pencils (F, HB) or a Silverpoint Stylus (with paper prepared for silverpoint or a boxwood tablet)

White or off-white paper and tinted paper (your preferred colours)

Start Date

Six Mondays: 3 June 2024 – 8 July 2024, 11 am – 1 pm UK time

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