The Year Long Renaissance Drawing Apprenticeship

When we see drawings by Michelangelo, Pontormo, or Leonardo da Vinci we are filled with wonder at how a single image can evoke such a sense of both form and feeling. They inspire us in our own journey and make us want to achieve the same power of expression in our drawings. To maximise and realise our potential we can venture into their world and share in their great legacy through walking the same path as a Renaissance artist in training. You can undergo the same workshop training as a Renaissance artist where you learn a drawing process which unlocks tremendous fulfilment while representing the complexity and subtlety of the human form. 

The Year Long Drawing Course is an Online learning experience in which you will undergo the same Renaissance Workshop training in drawing as artists did during the time of Leonardo Da Vinci. The course provides you with a living, tactile and immediate contact with the Renaissance through a dynamic interdisciplinary approach combining extensive historical research and a thorough breakdown of the Old Master approach to drawing. 

The Course takes place across Four Terms which take you through the learning experience of an apprentice and where you acquire the foundation of knowledge and skill which will take you forward in your art. You will have the complex and mysterious drawing process of the Old Masters opened up to you and deciphered into achievable elements. In each session you will be provided with compelling and inspiring sources to draw from and benefit from detailed technical breakdowns and live demonstrations. You will be able to ask questions and receive personalised help achieving your goals in every session as well as detailed feedback on your drawings which will help you to strengthen your work. 

The course takes place live on Zoom every week and each session lasts two hours. If you miss a class you will be able to view recordings and catch up with me to ask questions. The course takes place in blocks of five-weeks at a time with breaks in between and holidays. The Full Year costs £1200 and there is the option of paying Term-By-Term or in instalments. For more information and to enrol:

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